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The 18th year is a special year especially for girls, for it is when they come of age, when society accepts them into adulthood. A debutante ball is one of the most exciting events in a girl’s life, and one that should be memorable down to the tiniest details.

Every girl is unique, though it’s safe to say a lot of girls are in to fashion. Kenneth Uy caters to this taste for modern trends by providing 18th birthday / debut invitations with a big magazine theme.

Printed in high quality glossy paper, and designed and laid out by our creative team, these magazine themed invitations look and feel like the real thing! What better way to show off the debutante’s fashionable tastes and celebrate her 18th year than with a limited edition magazine invitation, complete with the celebrant as the cover girl?

At Kenneth Uy Invites, we make sure that our invitations will not only make a splash, but we make sure that unlike other invitations, these will not be thrown away. These are memories to be kept, to be immortalized for the coming years.

For inquiries and quotations, call us now at 02-740 5639 / 0917-328 0678 / 0922-853 6889 for more information.

Size 8 x 11.5 with 16 pages

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